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The Loved Dog Lifetime Basic Online Coaching Program +  Bonuses

Get Full Access To This BASIC Program for just $49.99 

The Loved Dog Lifetime Premium Online Coaching Program + Bonuses + 6 weeks LIVE group calls with Tamar Geller Herself and access to our private Facebook group!

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No matter what program you choose from the 2 "Unleash Your Dog’s Unlimited Love for YOU!" you’ll see a remarkable change. 

Over the years, people keep telling me “you only work with celebrities”, and although I’ve been blessed with working with some wonderful people who happened to be famous, I LOVE working with anyone who cares deeply about their dog! After all, dogs don’t care how famous you are, and if you think about it, Oprah’s dogs don’t know she’s Oprah, right? That’s why we love them! 

I was looking for a way to develop a relationship with pawrents and their doggies even if they lived outside Los Angeles, and for it to be affordable too. I was looking at a few different options and it became clear that doing a weekly LIVE video call with a limited number of pawrents seemed to give the most value to people!  

It also became clear that on top of training their dogs, people loved meeting other pawrents like themselves and enjoyed the little love-based community we have created (Private Facebook page included). It’s a heart turn-on to see people and dogs make breakthroughs that they never believed were possible. To see their victory, to see their joy, and to share it with others! 

So here I am, with this wonderful, fresh new program that I’m excited to offer! I want to invite you to join me, with your dog, on our 6x weekly LIVE video calls, where we will go over the different games and exercises, we’ll discuss the progress that you and your doggie are making and I’ll help you with anything that might be causing you to feel like you're stuck. It’s the closest thing to having me work with you and your doggie on a private basis, but for a fraction of the price.  

I’ll be limiting the size of the group so everyone will feel seen and heard. I will be able to watch you train your dog, if you struggle with something, or if you want to share your excitement on a breakthrough. I’ll be able to demonstrate a point (using one of the doggies at my home) that you might be having issues with, and be available in a real way to support you on this fun journey of Unleashing your dog’s Unlimited LOVE for YOU, and at times a journey of self discovery.  

We are offering 2 call options to choose from (on Saturdays at 11am PST and Mondays at 4pm PST). 

I’m excited to met you and your dog, hear your story, and go on this wonderful journey of unleashing love with you both! 



The Loved Dog training program is designed to make you and your dog feel sooooo loved, adored, an understood by each other. I see dog training as the vehicle to build the most amazing and rewarding relationships between you and your dog (and everyone else who is interested). So many dogs get mistreated or abused in the name of dog training, where at The Loved Dog, not only do I not allow it, I am focused on empowering your dog to think, make smart & mindful decisions, and be as magnificent as they can be so both you and your dog can have the most awesome life together! 

In my amazing basic program you will learn how to train your dog in a fun and loving way! 

In this course you and your dog will learn: 

  • How to understand each other by speaking English
  • How to use treats properly without having to rely on them
  • For your dog to "Leave It" when it comes to other dogs, a broken glass, a stranger, etc.
  • To Sit for everything the same way a kid says Please for everything
  • To Come in the most enthusiastic way (even when on a hike)
  • To love to lie Down because it feel's like a mini vacation
  • To Stay, because it's such a fun game!

You will also receive special Bonuses including: 

  • Preventing and dealing with Separation Anxiety
  • Preventing and dealing with food aggression
  • To Back Off from people, dogs, and thing
  • To Wait and not cross the front door, the street, and to wait in general. It's the 3rd most  used behavior after Leave It and Come!
  • Walking on a Leash without pulling
  • Housebreaking
  • Stop Nipping & Chewing
  • Stopping Jumping
  • The amazing game of Tug-of-War
  • The WHY behind any of your dog's behavior
  • Love Mapping your dog - get the GPS to your dog's Mind & Heart 
  • And Many More!!!! I will design more bonuses based on your feedback, for no extra charge!

In my amazing PREMIUM program you will have access to everything in the basic program, and you will also get access to 6 weeks of 1 hour LIVE calls with me (a $3000 value)! On top of that you get access to my private Facebook group where you can connect with other dog pawrents who are going through or have gone through the training!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are unhappy for absolutely ANY reason at all you will get a full refund within 24 hours..

"I LOVE The Loved Dog Training Method!"

After trying many different trainers i had almost given up, but I was referred to Tamar Geller and her training method and it changed our lives. The Loved Dog training was all about loving my boys through each new training! I can't thank Tamar enough for helping build am amazing relationship with my dogs and helping me have well mannered dogs in the process!!! Thanks Tamar!
- Andy & Tucker's Mom Copyright 2014 (c) All Rights Reserved
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